Youth Mental Health Forum

A youth forum on mental health was held on 14 October 2023 by Professor Sylvia Kwok, Associate Head of the Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences at the City University of Hong Kong. The forum is part of a “Children and Youth Mental Health Project” in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Work of the University of Calgary, Canada. The forum was attended by 32 students from 4 local secondary schools, 48 teachers, principals, social workers, counsellors, district board members, parents and doctors.

Students shared their views on mental health challenges, coping strategies, and community support to youth via photo stories. A round table discussion was conducted where teachers, parents, social workers and related stakeholders responded to the students’ presentation. They shared their suggestions on increasing public awareness on mental health, matching relevant resources to solve the core problem, reforming the education system, promoting positive education in schools, building peer supportive network, enhancing multiple intelligences of students, providing more space for students, and strengthening parent-school co-operation.