Departmental Executive Committee

Departmental Executive Committee
Prof HO Mun Yin Samuel, Head
Prof. KWOK LAI Yuk Ching Sylvia , Associate Head (PG Education and Research & SW Discipline Leader)
Dr. TAM Hau Lin Cherry, Associate Head (UG Education and Student Development)
Dr. LAI Chuk Ling Julian (PSY Discipline Leader)
Prof WONG Sing Wing Dennis (CRSO Discipline Leader)
Dr. HO Wing Chung (Director of UG Education)
Dr. LI Kin Kit Ben (Director of TPG Education)
Prof. MANNING Matthew Garnet (Director of Impact, KT, & RAE)
Dr HUI Na Na Anna (Director of Student Development)
Dr YEUNG Yuen Lan Dannii (Director of Research /DRC)
Dr YE Shengquan Sam (Director of RPg Education)