Research Areas

Research focus/expertise

Criminology & Sociology

Crime prevention, triad studies, school and cyber bullying, restorative justice, juvenile and youth justice, socio-legal studies, crime control in the Greater China Region, green criminology, violent and sexual offending, and research related to vulnerable groups, including migrants, sex workers, women, youth and elders in the context of larger social structures and government policies in Chinese societies.


Three research groups aligning with the 2 streams of the undergraduate program: Cognitive Psychology & Neuroscience (mind & brain), Clinical & Health Psychology (health and development), Developmental & Social Psychology (health and development). The psychology laboratories are equipped with facilities and instruments to facilitate the conduction of experimental studies.

Social Work & Counselling

Positive education, school and cyberbullying, substance abuse and rehabilitation, disability and diversity, housing and poverty, family process and parenting practices, health and aging, practice research.