Academic Advising

Academic Advising
  • The Department offers Academic Advising to all UGC full-time undergraduate Majors and BDSS, with a view to facilitating them to set clear goals on their academic, career and personal development with workable study and career plans. 
  • Each student is assigned an Academic Advisor who will follow their Student Advisees throughout their undergraduate study within the Major. Student Advisees are expected to meet their Academic Advisors individually or in groups, at least once every semester. 
  • Student Advisees should return the record form of academic advising with advisor’s endorsement via QuestionPro in Week 13 of each semester. They are also encouraged to use the DegreeWorks to make their tentative plans of study. 
  • Learn more about Academic Advising in the Academic Advising Handbook for Student Advisees
  • The record form for Academic Advising can be downloaded here. Submit the completed form via QuestionPro here.