Movie Nights: A Window into Different Walks of Life

To cultivate a sense of human concern and social responsibility among our students, movie nights were organized by SS in November 2023. A hundred students actively attended the screenings of two thought-provoking films: "The Narrow Road" and "In Broad Daylight". The students not only had insightful sharing with the directors of the films, Mr. Lam Sum and Mr. Lawrence Kan respectively, but also meaningful dialogue with a group of cleaners served by Caritas Labour-Friendly Communities Project.
The dialogue with the cleaners inspired the students’ understanding of the cleaners’ working experiences during the challenging times of the pandemic and their strong work ethic in handling unpleasant work in their everyday duties. The conversation with the film directors and dialogue with the cleaners were thought-provoking and inspiring, helping students review their own work ethic and respect for human dignity and equality regardless of people’s job or people’s age and ability.