Congratulations to Ms. ZHOU Yanlin

Ms. ZHOU Yanlin, a Zhejiang University-CityU joint-PhD graduate under the supervision of Dr. YU Nancy Xiaonan and Dr. ZHANG Qiong, received the Outstanding Research Thesis Award 2022 and the Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies Outstanding Doctoral Research Award 2022.

The awarded thesis, entitled “The Effects of Cognitive Biases and Executive Functions on Resilience and Stress Adaptation in Preadolescence,” integrated cognitive processes into the dynamic process of resilience. This thesis reported the joint effects of cognitive bias and executive function on preadolescent resilience and stress adaptation, establishing the dual process of bottom-up cognitive biases and top-down cognitive control. Ms. Zhou’s intervention work provides an example of ecologically cognitive-based resilience training in school settings.