Master of Social Work (MSW Programme)

Programme Leader: Dr. Ricky C. K. Kwan
Associate Programme Leader and Admission Tutor: Dr. P. K. Kam

This programme aims at training professionals qualifying for a Registered Social Worker recognized by the Social Workers Registration Board at the Master’s degree level in Hong Kong. It aims to train students to be ethically-oriented, competent, reflective, and professional social work practitioners in a variety of social service settings.

This programme offers two modes of study:

  • 2 years for the full-time MSW degree, with 1 concurrent placement in Year 2 Semester A and 1 block fieldwork placement in Year 2 Semester B. Concurrent fieldwork placement is conducted in 17 weeks with 3 days per week or 6 sessions whereas block fieldwork placement is conducted in 10 weeks with 5 days per week;
  • 3 years for the part-time MSW degree to students taking two concurrent fieldwork placements in Year 2 and 3 Semester A & B respectively. Concurrent fieldwork placement in the part-time study mode is conducted in 25 weeks with 2 days per week or 4 sessions per week.

The total number of credits required for the MSW award is 55, 49 credits are gained from core courses and 6 are from elective courses. A non-credit bearing workshop on Social Sciences Theories for Social Work is offered for those students without social sciences training background to tune in the study of social work.

The programme focuses not only on formal learning, but also informal learning. There are different informal learning activities such as agency visits, training workshops, community projects, study tour, local and international conferences. Students can benefit from a multi-disciplinary teaching team. Class committee of each cohort organize activities (e.g. orientation camp) for their classmates to build up team spirit and cohesion in class. We have mentorship scheme to provide chance for the senior year students to guide and mentor the junior ones. Students can also act as volunteers to help the teaching staff in their implementation of different teaching and research projects.

For details of the programme, please refer to the links below:

P71 Master of Social Work
Programme Description


WONG Tak Cheung, Michael (黃德祥)
MSW student (2021-2023)


The MSW program has rendered me valuable opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills which are necessary to become an adequate helping professional. For example, how to work with individuals, family, and community, welfare policies and legal issues, and last but not least, some unwavering values and ethics upheld by the entire profession of social work. After taking the program, I have a deeper understanding of the idea of helping others. I realize that instead of simply providing direct advice and resource matching, and forgetting myself in the self-satisfaction of doing something good to others, it emphasizes the empowerment of service users by respecting their dignity and worth, and facilitating self-determination so that they can reach their fullest potential and make desirable changes when getting more understanding and control of themselves and their environment. In the helping relationship, clients are just the main character, rather than the workers. In the coming semester and future, I am hopeful and enthusiastic of learning more and contributing myself to this meaningful and heartwarming person-centered work. 


TONG Pok Man (湯博文)
MSW 2022 graduate


Togetherness is unique to the CityU MSW programme. The Department provides students with support in the “social work” way that encourages self-help among students. The distinctive class committee setting of the programme helps build up the cohesion among classmates to walk together over the toughness in the classroom or struggles from the practicum. Indeed, our mutual support even extends beyond the programme. It can also be credited to the benevolent teacher-student relationship. Professors and instructors are knowledgeable and humble. Whenever students have questions about the lectures, placements, future pathways, or even personal concerns, teachers will listen to us and guide us. We walked through the challenging MSW programme, and I believe that we will continue to walk together in the field of social work. I recommend the CityU MSW programme to anyone who is looking for a real taste of social work in the transition to a social work profession.


LU Hiu Yee, Iris
MSW 2019 graduate


A key signature of the MSW Programme at CityU is the class committee and class teachers (班會和班主任制度) who organize various activities to cater classmates’ academic and social needs, including seasonal celebrations, study tours, and agency visits, etc. (You will not feel bored to study here!) Professors of the MSW Programme at CityU are patient and supportive. They dedicate to students’ professional learning and personal growth and guide you through the journey of MSW. In particular, social work is a value-laden profession, practice and reflection are significant in the learning process, and professors who are like the light bulbs light up your journey and mobilize you to learn and reflect. I also got plenty of exposure to social work fields when studying MSW Programme at CityU as abundant practice opportunities were provided, not just confining to casework and group work, but also including community work!