Social Work and Counselling
Research Focus: Housing and Poverty


Housing and poverty have received growing concerns in Hong Kong. The underprivileged are suffered from high housing and rent. An increasing number of people live in subdivided units and become homeless. Empirical research helps the public to understand the poverty situation and provides evidence for policy enhancement. This research theme covers various issues and topics related to housing and poverty, such as transitional housing, homelessness, the impact of housing on well-being, deprivation, and multidimensional poverty. This research focus aims to:

  • Examine housing and poverty situation with a multidimensional approach
  • Study the impact of housing circumstances on individual's and family's well-being
  • Develop evidence-based research on informing anti-poverty policy and practice
  • Provide a platform and promote exchange among academics, policymakers, social workers, and students on housing and welfare policy and service delivery

Key Research Projects (in the recent 5 years)

Topic PI / Co-Investigator Funding Sources Award Period
Enhancement of the Housing and Poverty Situation of the Grassroots Dr. Siu Ming CHAN(PI) City University of Hong Kong (HK300,000) 2022-2023
Hong Kong Homeless Census Project 2021 Prof. Hung WONG (Co-PI)
Dr. Siu Ming CHAN (Co-PI)
N/A 2021-2022
Social Impact Assessment regarding
'Incubating Efficacy in Community
for Decent Livelihood through
Modular Social Housing Project in
Nam Cheong Street'
Prof. Hung WONG (Co-PI)
Dr. Siu Ming CHAN (Co-PI)
Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and Hong Kong Council of Social Service 2020-2022


Conferences (in the recent 5 years)

Title of the Conference


Chan, S. M. (2022, June). Homelessness in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Paper presented at: City University SS Research Seminar 2022, Hong Kong. 2022, June
Chan, S. M. (2022, April). Homelessness in Hong Kong: an examination of homeless people in 2015 and 2021. Paper presented at: Housing Studies Association 2022, United Kingdom (Online). 2022, April
Chan, S. M. (2019, June). The impact of housing factors on non-income poverty situation: Implications for social work anti-poverty practice. Paper presented at: International conference on Change and Innovation for a Better World: The Future of Social Work Profession, Hong Kong. 2019, June
Chan, S. M. (2019, June). Housing as social security for anti-poverty: The case of Hong Kong. Paper presented at: Foundation for International Studies on Social Security (FISS) 26th Annual Research Conference, Sigtuna, Sweden. 2019, June


Representative Publications (in the recent 5 years)


Chan, S. M., & Wong, H. (2021). Housing and Subjective Well-Being in Hong Kong: A Structural Equation Model. Applied Research in Quality of Life (Advance online publication).

2. Chan, S. M., & Wong, H. (2020). Impact of Income, Deprivation and Social Exclusion on Subjective Poverty: A Structural Equation Model of Multidimensional Poverty in Hong Kong. Social Indicators Research, 152(3), 971-990.
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