Social Work and Counselling
Research Focus: Diversity and Disability


Inclusion of diverse and disadvantaged populations is part and partial of a multicultural society like Hong Kong. It is also closely related to the pursue of social justice of the social work profession.  Empirical studies can contribute to understanding the less-explored needs and making aware the rights of the diverse and disadvantaged groups and provide insights for advancing intervention and advocacy strategies for inclusion. As such, this research cluster aims to provide a platform for:

  1. Advancing evidence-based knowledge to understand the socioeconomic contexts, encountered difficulties, needs and rights of various diverse and disadvantaged groups including people with disability, people with mental health issues, people with special needs, ethnic minorities and gender and sexual diverse people.
  2. Developing evidence-based research and practice in the promotion of inclusion, reduction of stigma and discrimination, and mitigation of inequalities.
  3. Facilitating exchanges among scholars, practitioners, policy makers and service users in sharing research findings and practical experiences with the aim to consolidate good practice strategies and models for developing a more inclusive society.

Key Research Projects (in the recent 5 years)

Topic PI / Co-Investigator Funding Sources Award Period
Exploring the Roles of Enterprises in Promoting Workplace Inclusion for People with Disabilities Dr. Chi Kin KWAN Research Grants Council (Early Career Scheme) 2021-2024
Study on Effective Strategies to Facilitate School-to-work Transition of Young Persons with Disabilities in Hong Kong Dr. Chi Kin KWAN
Dr. Na Na Anna HUI (Co-Investigator)
Equal Opportunities Commission 2019-2021
Exploring Intersectional Experiences of South Asian Ethnic Minority Students and Families in Special Educational Context in Hong Kong Dr Kim KWOK Equal Opportunities Commission 2021
Ethnic Minorities Made Vocal and Voiceless: Political Participation and Opportunities of Ethnic Minorities During the Anti-Extradition Movement. Dr Kim KWOK Public Policy Research Funding Scheme 2020
Health & Social Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Young People across the Socioeconomic Ladder: A Cross-Country Comparative Study Dr Siu Ming CHAN (Co-I) Worldwide Universities Network Research Development Fund 2020


Representative Publications (in the recent 5 years)


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