Celebrating Excellence: Ho Kwan-kit Anson from SS gets Bronze in table tennis mixed doubles at FISU World University Games

We are thrilled to announce and celebrate the exceptional achievement of one of our SALSA student-athletes in SS, Ho Kwan-kit Anson, who received a Bronze in table tennis mixed doubles at the 2023 FISU World University Games in Chengdu, China. 

Anson's remarkable accomplishment not only showcases his dedication and skills but also highlights his strength as a SS student who bravely faces challenges with poise and determination. Although Anson’s partner suffered from an elbow injury, the team demonstrated resilience, got a straight-set win in the quarter-finals games, and secured the Bronze.

We take immense pride in Anson’s success and how he is balancing his study and his sports career. He has demonstrated exceptional time management skill and commitment to his academic and sports goals. His success serves as a testament to the quality of students within SS. This not only brings honor to us but also shines a bright spotlight on our commitment to nurturing well-rounded students capable of achieving greatness in all aspects of life. We wish Anson all the best in the pursuit of his dreams!