Bachelor of Social Sciences in Social Work (BSSSW Programme)

Programme Leader: Dr. Jerf W. K. Yeung
Associate Programme Leader: Dr. Siu Ming Chan
Admission Tutor: Mrs. Frances W. H. Lui Leung

This is a professional education programme, which is accredited by the Social Workers Registration Board, designed for students to pursue a career in social work, a helping profession that promotes human and community well-being, underpinned by a commitment to uphold human dignity, social equality, and diversity.

To produce social work practitioners who are competent, reflective, and ethical in professional practice, the programme aims to enable students to evaluate and align personal values with the value base of the social work profession, acquire knowledge, skills, understanding and practice competence in the profession.

In the course of study, students will receive solid foundation training in social sciences and social work. Before integrating the classroom learning into real life practice in two fieldwork placements, students will undergo rigorous theoretical and laboratory training in the classroom. With elective courses concentrated in specific target groups and different working approaches, students can develop specializations in specific areas. To enable students with a breadth of knowledge to successfully navigate the challenges in the 21st century, they will also expose to multiple disciplines through gateway education (GE) and college specified courses offered by the University.

To cultivate students as ideal graduates who are globally minded, critical and innovative, civically oriented with effective communication skills, this programme encourages students to work alongside faculty members in research and action learning projects locally or overseas. A rich array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including student exchange, summer internship, summer school, study tour, volunteer service, and other whole person development activities are offered. Students with outstanding academic performance can apply for non-local fieldwork placement at other countries/cities, such as United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, etc.

If the value base of social work can match with your aspiration as a professional social worker, do join us for a journey of professional development. For details of the programme, please refer to the links below:

BSocSc in Social Work Programme
Admission Information


MOHAMMAD, Waqas Butt
BSocSc in Social Work 2019


I am Waqas, who graduated in 2019. It was unique experience to me as I was the first non-Chinese student who had been enrolled in CityU’s social work course, and even contributed in scholarly article regarding cultural sensitivity. As being a non-Chinese who can speak Cantonese, English, Urdu and Hindi, I was really fortunate for having two social work job offers from different NGOs at ethnically diverse settings before my graduation. Indeed, this course enhanced my confidence and professional skills in serving Chinese community too in terms of engaging with users with their language and proposing bridging plans to reduce service gap in mainstream services. Nonetheless, my primary vision in becoming social worker is to advocate for social inclusion and racial diversity via different platforms in this proclaimed international city where minorities’ rights however has been constantly neglected.


Athena, 陳嘉欣
BSocSc in Social Work 2019


This program not only equipped me as a social worker, but also facilitated me to have a whole-rounded personal development. The program broadened and deepened my understanding of an individual and individual behaviour from person-in-environment perspective. Besides, I had opportunities to have social work interns in different settings in Hong Kong, Austria, Canada and the USA, do volunteer in Myanmar, go on an exchange program in the USA and participate Conference in UK. The global explosive experience increased my acceptance and understanding of an allay of different culture and community perspective, and expended my cognitive skills, such as problem solving skills, flexibility and creativity, and social skills. Once again, I am so glad to have a chance to study this program, as it enriched my life and made my dream come true.