Social work education in CityU is designed for students pursuing a professional career, as Registered Social Workers (RSW) accredited by the Social Workers Registration Board in Hong Kong, that serves people in need and contributes to the well-being of the disadvantaged and the welfare of the larger community. We provide professional social work education in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree levels, including the Bachelor of Social Sciences in Social Work (BSocSc in Social Work) and Master of Social Work (MSW) Programmes.

In the undergraduate programme, we aspire to train students as competent social workers who embrace the professional values and ethics for human betterment and social advancement. In the postgraduate programme, we seek to prepare students for advanced social work practice and as leaders having critical and independent vision to the profession. Postgraduate students can also join the research degree programmes (MPhil/PhD) to develop themselves as future academic leaders in the social and welfare fields.

Counselling is an applied discipline aiming to provide professional counsellor education for competent and thoughtful practice as counsellors in a variety of human services, and health care settings or in other professional/occupational fields wherein counselling training is an asset. In CityU, we provide professional counsellor education in the master’s degree level. Graduates are expected to be able to apply knowledge and skills in counselling and become increasingly autonomous and independent in practice.