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CityU has an established reputation in youth research in Hong Kong. Some of the research is responsive to developments within the social science disciplines. Some is responsive to the concerns of governments in the region. Given an established reputation, youth studies scholars in CityU attempt to further the development of youth research through the formation of YSNet in March 2000 with colleagues from different departments in CityU.

Youth Studies Net is now an inter-disciplinary research network. It serves to consolidate the interests, and potential, of youth studies scholars from different disciplines and maximize the use of limited resources with a view to distinguishing CityU as a leading institution in youth studies in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia. YSNet aims to foster a profound understanding of the psychological, social, cultural, technological and political issues confronting young people in the cyber era by:

  • conducting systematic, coordinated and comparative youth research in Hong Kong and elsewhere
  • organizing periodic conferences, seminars and workshops on youth-related issues in Hong Kong
  • circulating on its website the on-going activities, programmes or publications of the YSNet.
  • providing essential and comprehensive information and advice on youth studies for local and overseas scholars, students, organizations and governments.