Student Internship


At the Department of Applied Social Studies of City University of Hong Kong, undergraduate students in four UGC-funded programs (i.e., Criminology and Sociology, Psychology, and Social Work) are offered an opportunity to participate in a student internship program. With emphases on students’ personal development and development of transferrable skills, this student internship is designed to offer students with an opportunity to integrate knowledge they have learned in class with the practical experience in local and/or international contexts. This internship usually takes place in the summer; with the internship length varies according to different academic programs.

The following is a nonexhaustive list of student internship sites in the past by different academic programs.

Applied Sociology stream (credit-bearing internship program)
Professional bodies, industries, and enterprises
  • Beijing, China
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Student internship coordinator: Dr Ho Wing Chung
Criminology Stream (credit-bearing internship program)
Government agencies; juvenile justice agencies; and NGOs for after-care, victim support, Chinese community and youth
Psychology (credit-bearing internship program)
Schools; research centers; universities; hospitals; NGOs for youth, minorities, and Chinese community
  • Beijing, China
  • Hong Kong
  • Nanjing, China
  • Singapore
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Student internship coordinator: Dr. Chen Hui Fang
Social Work (noncredit-bearing internship program)
NGOs for community, elderly, disability, family, children and youth, and youth-at-risk services

The following is a general student internship timeline for reference. Students are encouraged to consult with their student internship coordinator for program-specific internship timeline.

Time Events
September – February Through student internship coordinator of different academic programs, students will gather relevant information about their internship opportunity in the following summer
February – March Students will be informed of their assigned internship site and other relevant information
March – June Students will start to prepare for their summer internship (e.g., completion and submission of required application forms, visa application, purchase of air tickets, accommodation arrangement, etc.)
June – August Student internship period
August – September Completion and submission of required post-internship administrative documents and internship report(s) for course assessment

The following is a collection of student reflection papers on their internship experience: Student reflection papers (2009-2010)

* Students are encouraged to consult with their respective student internship coordinator for more and latest information on student internship opportunities.

Crisis Management Plan and Emergency Contact Information

The Department of Applied Social Studies (Crisis Management Team (SSCMT) will handle emergency responses of overseas student activities at departmental level. Please click here for the paper of Crisis Management Plan for Overseas Student Activities.

The following is a list of emergency contact information as extracted from the paper:

Emergency Contact – SS General Office
empty Phone E-mail
General Office (SS) 3442-8991 / 3442-8996
24-hour CityU Emergency Contact
empty Phone E-mail
CityU Security 3442-8888
BSocSc Applied Sociology
empty Phone E-mail
Programme Leader: Dr. Ho Wing Chung 3442-8134
Asso Programme Leader: Dr. Tsang, Yuk Ha Eileen 3442-9183
BSocSc Criminology
empty Phone E-mail
Programme Leader: Dr. Lena Zhong 3442-8767
Asso Programme Leader: Prof. Wong, Sing Wing Dennis 3442-2583
BSocSc Psychology
empty Phone E-mail
Programme Leader: Dr. Yeung, Yuen Lan Dannii 3442-8832
Asso Programme Leader: Dr. Rochelle, Tina Louisa 3442-8261
BSocSc Social Work
empty Phone E-mail
Programme Leader: Dr. Esther Chow 3442-8765
Asso Programme Leader: Dr. Tam, Hau Lin Cherry 3442-9069