Student Exchange Programme (Outbound Exchange)



City University of Hong Kong is committed to develop collaborative links with leading academic institutions in the mainland and overseas. Student exchange programmes are established at the institutional, college and departmental levels. For the lists of partner institutions and their quotas at various levels, students should take notice of the email announcement from College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) and Department of Applied Social Sciences (SS) from time to time. Interested students may also visit the website of GSO ( and the website of CLASS ( for more information.


The applications are liaised by the Global Services Office (GSO), CLASS and SS. For every academic year, there are two rounds of application (around January and August-September). Please visit the website of GSO for more details about eligibility and application (

English Language Requirement

Students must meet the English language requirement before applying for the Student Exchange Programme. The results of TOEFL, IELTS, HKALE, GCEAL, HKDSE, SATI, IB and some CityU English courses may be used to fulfill the requirement. The minimum requirements and the approved CityU English courses are listed on the website of GSO ( Students who are able to provide valid IELTS, TOEFL or equivalent results that are widely accepted by partner institutions will have the advantage at the institutional-level selection.

Application Procedures

  1. Identity up to 6 programmes at the institutional, college and departmental level (max. 2 choices for each level) that fit in with your study plan and interests.
  2. Draw one study plan for each programme
  3. Print your study plan(s) and consult your Major Leader for recommendations and approval with his/her signature
  4. Complete the Student Exchange Application Form in AIMS (under "Student Services") during the application period
  5. Submit the hard copies of the following items to the department
    a. Application form
    b. Grade report printed from AIMS
    c. Study plan(s)
    d. Proof of language proficiency such as TOEFL or IELTS score, if any
    e. Applicant Statement (required by CLASS) (in 300 words, explaining: (i) why you wish to Participate in the student exchange programme, (ii) what makes you think that you are a suitable candidate; and (iii) what you expect to gain from the exchange programme).

Partner Institutions at the Departmental Level

Publication Country No. of Places (term/year) Suggested Disciplines
Beijing Normal University China 3 AS/CRSO (AS stream)/SW
Fudan University China 3 AS/CRSO (AS stream)
Loughborough University UK 2 AS/CRSO (AS stream)
Maastricht University The Netherlands 2 PSY
National Chung Cheng University Taiwan 3 ALL
San Diego State University USA 2 ALL
Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance China 3 AS//CRSO (AS stream)/SW
Swansea University UK 6 PSY
University of Houston USA 2 SW
Yuan Ze University Taiwan 3 ALL

Note. AS = Applied Sociology, CRIM = Criminology, CRSO = Criminology & Sociology, PSY = Psychology, SW = Social Work.

Departmental Requirements

Upon the completion of the student exchange programmes, all outbound students are expected to write a personal reflection and mentor the next cohort of students who will go on exchange at the same institutions. In addition, students are required to fill in a departmental questionnaire on student development and learning before and after the exchange programmes.

Reflections from Outbound Exchange Students

reflect photo

Tsang Sze Mui Cici, major in social work (Yuan Ze University, 2012-13 Semester B). "Through attending the courses and talking with professors, I knew more about the social welfare system and the social work development of Taiwan."

reflect photo

Wong Ying Man, major in social work (National Chung Cheng University, 2012-13 Semester B). "The exchange program provided me with a new vision and standpoint to review Hong Kong's current social situation and issues, especially in welfare aspect."

reflect photo

Ho Wing Hei, major in psychology (Swansea University, 2012-13 Semester B). "I have become more independent. I had to make every decision by myself, find out the solution of every difficulty, and cook by myself, etc."

reflect photo

Kwong Ching Yi, major in social work (University of Houston, 2012-13 Semester B). "From South to North, West to East, every single city we visited got its own character. They got their own cultures, architecture styles and natural landscape."

reflect photo

Li Tsz Ching, major in psychology (Maastricht University, 2011-12 Semester B). "The teaching system of problem-based learning was a challenge for me to study there. There were no lectures so I need to acquire new knowledge by myself through discussions during the tutorials."

reflect photo

Lui Yee Wa, major in social work (Yuan Ze University, 2011-12 Semester B). "Most of the classes were interesting. I could learn about the Taiwanese society in class, especially in Cultural studies class."

reflect photo

Yeung See Chai, major in applied sociology (Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce, 2011-12 Semester A). "I had organized a Cantonese Society with some schoolmates from Guangdong. I am one of the Cantonese teacher, teaching Lixin University students Cantonese every Tuesday night."