Student Advising



Faculty staff are assigned to be academic advisors to DSE students joining CLASS. Programme Staff will also advice student under their major as long as they stay in the programme. Students are expected to take initiative to contact their academic advisors for guidance and advice on their academic pursuit in CityU at least once every semester. Students are also encouraged to use the DegreeWorks to make their tentative plans of study.

Mentor Scheme

Project X is the Departmental initiative to nurture our students with senior ones. It offers training programmes to help students learn academic skills, socializing to university life and be engaged in socially awareness programmes to do service learning. Annual orientation camps, training workshops and socializing activities are organized in common groups and with programme students to cultivate relationship for learning.

Graduate Mentors Schemes

Individual Graduate Mentor Schemes are held with alumni coming back to talk to students or run CV writing workshop and mock interviews for graduating students to better prepare them for employment and professional careers. For social work students, they are assigned to alumni of similar service background to facilitate their preparation of professional careers.

Students and alumni of the psychology programme have ample opportunities for exchange via further study workshop, career workshop and graduate mentoring scheme. In the further study workshop, alumni share their experience in studying professional degrees in clinical, educational, industrial/organization and counseling psychology, as well as master degree in social work and postgraduate diploma in education. Through the career workshop and graduate mentoring scheme, alumni in various occupational settings share their work experience and career inspirations.