Major Areas of Research Interest

Research focus/expertise

Research focus/expertise in the Department include:

  1. Applied Sociology: Social organizations, crime and security, international political sociology, social theory, research methods, social policy and welfare, social problems and interventions, state and civil society, ethnicity, family, gender, labour, community and social development;
  2. Psychology: Self concept, educational psychology, intimate relationship, stress and negative emotions, health psychology, positive ageing, creativity, idol worship, humor, aggression, resilience, human values;
  3. Social Work: Casework, groupwork, community work; working with children, youth, elderly and family; family violence, empowerment-oriented practice with socially disadvantaged groups, conflict management and mediation, volunteerism, social work management and supervision;
  4. Counselling: Cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, family therapy, parent education and support, marriage enrichment, client experience, psychotherapy process; and
  5. Criminology: Restorative justice, youth justice, organized crime, juvenile delinquency, Chinese criminology, anti-corruption, policing, crime prevention, school bullying, gang and outreach youth work, cyber crime.