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The aim of social work education is to enable students to evaluate and align personal values with the value base of the social work profession; as well as to acquire knowledge, skills, understanding and competence in reflective professional practice.

Professional Career

Upon graduation, students are eligible to apply as Registered Social Workers and practice as professionally qualified social workers in a great variety of human service settings, including social welfare, education, medical and health and so on, both in Hong Kong and in different parts of the world.

Excellent Teaching

Social work has a long track record in offering quality professional education in social work at both Bachelor and Master Degree levels. Five serving social work teachers have been awarded CityU Teaching Excellence Awards, two of them are also awarded the very prestigious Teaching Award granted by the University Grant Committee (UGC).

Research and Knowledge Transfer

Social work colleagues have conducted various multi-disciplinary and applied research studies in the areas of youth problems and crimes, school bullying, elderly issues, rehabilitation, treatment methods for people with psychosocial and mental health problems, volunteering, working with families and family violence. They published regularly high-quality books and journal articles; and are often invited to speak at conferences as key speakers.

Social Work Discipline has a strong and solid connection with local communities through consultancy, research and serving as board/committee members of non-government organizations. We conduct various research and consultancy for and with government and non-government organizations in various fields of social issues and social policies. As a result, some colleagues have been invited to high level governmental advisory committees, e.g. Elderly Commission, Youth Commission and Women Commission.

We are actively engaged in knowledge transfer and have received substantial research funding externally and internally to train up social workers in practice and intervention such as the use of narrative therapy approach for stroke survivors; counselling older people, and working with young people and families in need.

Student Development

Social Work Discipline offers its students a great variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to ensure that they can enjoy both a rich campus life and real-life opportunity to work with and learn from professionals in the workplace. These include student advising, local and overseas professional internship training, overseas exchange, study tours, Mentor-Mentee Scheme, Graduate Mentoring Scheme, academic workshops, community projects, adventurous training and career workshops.

Practice Laboratories

Students can conduct experiments and improve social work practice skills in laboratory settings in the Practice Laboratories which are equipped with interviewing rooms and relevant facilities.

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