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Students are also provided with opportunities to design and conduct psychological research, from basic scientific discovery to application of theoretical concepts to business and health settings. Student research projects have resulted in research awards from the Hong Kong Psychological Society, international conference presentations, and publications in academic journals.


The Psychology discipline has attracted outstanding faculty members whose research work has been published in top international journals in main fields of psychology, such as biological, clinical, cognitive, developmental and health psychology, neuroscience, and psycholinguistics. They are also actively engaged in multidisciplinary collaborations with scholars from medical, educational, public policy, social work, sociology, information systems and business disciplines, leading to new initiatives in training and research. In recent years, international conferences in Applied Positive Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and Growth and Well-being were organized and hosted, which has gained the discipline a global reputation for its leading role in psychological research and application.

Psychology Laboratories

To provide a stimulating research and educational environment, the Psychology Laboratory was established in March 2013. The laboratory is designed to strengthen the connection between empirical research and application. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and facilities for conducting scientific studies. Some of these facilities include:

  • A biofeedback machine (BSL Psychophysiology & Neurophysiology System MP36)
  • An ASL eye-trackor (ASL EYE-TRAC 6)
  • Virtual Reality System

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Staff in the Psychology Discipline


Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology
-- Course Offering List 2017-18
-- Course Offering List 2018-19
Master of Social Sciences in Applied Psychology
Master of Social Sciences in Psychology of Education
Master of Social Sciences in Psychology (New)