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This programme provides counsellor education to practitioners working in a broad range of professional and occupational fields in human services (such as counselling and social work), health care, education, human resource and management. Graduates of the MSSC programme are eligible to register as members of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association and fulfil the professional requirement for registration as "Certified Counsellor" with post-qualification top-up supervised practice.

MSSC programme seeks to nurture counselling theories in parallel with counselling skills. The programme also equips students with contextualized knowledge to work under a wide variety of settings. The core courses cover basic counselling theories and approaches, skills practice, cultural-sensitive practice, individual and group counselling, psychopathology and family counselling services. Full-time students can complete our programme in one year with the research project stream, whereas part-time students can complete our programme in two years with the counselling practicum stream or the research project stream.

Part-time students could take either counselling practicum or research project earliest in the second year of study. Both courses are two-semesters long. The counselling practicum provides the highest client contact hour to supervision hour ratio among all Hong Kong counselling training programmes. Every 2 hours of client contact will be under 1 hour of supervision. This programme also provides our counsellor trainees with the highest individual supervision hours, 26 hours. The counselling practice will also be supported by a group supervisor, where counsellor trainees would receive 36 hours of group supervision in a group of 6. The support to our counsellor-to-be is all-rounded that the programme promises to arrange practicum sites, individual and group supervisors for each student as well. Our students have practiced in medical setting, schools, mental health, family setting, addiction service, community setting, rehabilitation setting, and the list goes on.

Students undertaking the research project stream will also be fully supported by our faculty members. Student researchers will first learn research methods to conduct quantitative or/ and qualitative research. Research collaboration with different NGOs could be arranged by the programme. The programme also matches students' research interest with the expertise of our faculty members. Student researchers then would receive individual or group research supervision from their supervisor. Previous research projects included service evaluation, counselling process analysis, design of an intervention programme, etc.

Faculty members are active researchers (covering counsellor development, practice research, parent education, school bullying, aggressive behaviour and peer victimization, resilience, career counselling and development), who seek to interface research with teaching and practicum training. They are also active in producing indigenous teaching videos, case studies, and verbatim transcripts of classroom live demonstration and real-world practice to support teaching. They also collaborate with faculty members of other professional disciplines, notably social work, in advancing pedagogical development of practicum training.

The faculty member publish regularly in high-quality journals in the domains of counselling, mental health, human services, applied psychology, and family studies, e.g. Journal of Adolescent Health, Family Process, Aggressive Behavior, British Journal of Social Work, Journal of Personality Disorder, Schizophrenic Bulletin, Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, Adolescence, Psychology of Violence, International Journal of Learning, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Journal of Youth Studies, Journal of College Student Development and Asian Journal of Counselling

Our programme leader has served as the President of professional body, the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (June 2016 – May 2018). Our faculty members have acquired certification as a Certified Counsellor and Approved Supervisors by the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association. Faculty members also served as editor of Applied Research in Quality of Life, and editorial board of over 30 international top tier peer-review journals. We also serve the community by conducting consultancy research for NGOs and government departments.

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