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Faculty members bring in their own research expertise, and form research teams among themselves, as well as collaborate with faculty members from other disciplines (e.g., psychology and social work). We conduct research in Hong Kong, as well as with special focus in China. Faculty members are active in securing competitive research grants, including GRF, RGC-ESRC, and PPR. They also receive research grants awarded by NGOs and the HKSAR government.

Faculty members have regularly published in high-quality journals in relation to two sociological domains.

Migrants and Mobilities Faculty members conduct pioneering research on peasant-workers, sex workers, forced migration and civil society development for migrants in China. Specific topics include Chinese sex workers, the mode and timing of immigration for work, and migrants from the Three Gorges Dam area of China. Our articles were published, for example, in Sociological Quarterly; Journal of Contemporary Ethnography; Sociological Inquiry; The China Quarterly; Journal of Contemporary China; China Journal; China: An International Journal; Journal of Contemporary Asia; and Modern Asian Studies.

Social Capital and Impact Assessment: This domain evolves from the department’s former Social Capital and Impact Assessment research unit. It consolidates the colleagues’ reputation for territory-leading research into social capital and the assessment of social impact. Specific themes include the role of social capital in stopping youth violence; the role of social impact practitioners; social capital and migrant women; sustaining social trust and volunteerism; and evaluating eudaimonic and hedonic well-being, artificial intelligence and computational social science. Our articles were published, for example, in Social Science Research; Social Indicators Research; International Journal of Intercultural Relations; Journal of Child and Family Studies; and Environmental Impact Assessment Review; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health; Social Behavior and Personality; Health and Quality of Life Outcomes; PLoS ONE; IEEE Access; Complexity; IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems; IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering; and IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics.


We also published books which have provided new insights in academic research, including The Transition Study of Post-socialist China: An Ethnographic Study of a Model Community (World Scientific Pub.); The New Middle Class in China, Consumption, Politics and The Market Economy (Palgrave Macmillan); Understanding Chinese Society: Changes and Transformations (World Scientific Publisher); Occupational Health and Social Estrangement in China (Manchester University Press); and Ethnographic Inquiry and Lived Experience: An Epistemological Critique (Routledge); and China’s Commercial Sexscapes: Rethinking Intimacy, Masculinity, and Criminal Justice (University of Toronto Press).

Regional and international outreach:

Our faculty members also serve as Editor of academic journals and book series, such as Journal of Comparative Asian Development, Health and Quality of Life Outcomes, Bandung: Journal of the Global South, and Routledge Studies on Margins of Development. We also serve the community by conducting consultancy research for NGOs and government departments.

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