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Words from the Head


The Department of Applied Social Sciences prides itself for a long track record in offering quality teaching in the programmes delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of staff. The mission of the Department is to offer quality education and professional training in the disciplines of Applied Sociology, Counseling, Criminology, Psychology, and Social Work, excel in these related research areas, and promote justice and betterment of life in Hong Kong, China and the neighboring societies.

With a team of more than 60 full-time academic staff, specializing in a wide array of fields and disciplines in social sciences, the Department endeavors to develop and synergize its staff expertise in offering high quality programmes in applied and professional areas and to foster the development of "ideal graduates" who can combine academic competence with broader skills, creativity, innovations and civic-mindedness, and develop the capability of discovery- and application-orientated research.

The Department currently offers 10 academic programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and has admitted a group of PhD/MPhil students pursuing higher study and research at various social science perspectives. Of equally importance within the framework of the new four-year academic curriculum is offering a wide range of interesting, stimulating and innovative Gateway Education courses to all undergraduate students of the University.

The Department, with the support of its own resources and funds from various sources, offers its students a variety of extra-curricular activities such as academic and counselling, and outreach programmes to ensure that they can enjoy both a rich campus life and real-life opportunity to work with and learn from professionals in workplace. These activities includes professional internship training at local or overseas, overseas exchange, study tour, Mentor-Mentee Scheme, Graduate Mentoring Scheme, and academic workshops, community projects, and adventurous trainings organized by Departmental Student Project "Learning for Excellence".