Dr. CHOW, Oi Wah Esther  周愛華博士

  1. MSW (Social Work), PhD (Social Sciences), (HKU, Hong Kong)

  2. BA (Hons.) (Sociology), Concordia U, Canada

  3. Narrative Therapy (Dulwich Centre, Australia)

  4. Remotivation Therapy (HK Remotivation Therapy Association, Hong Kong)

  5. Registered Social Worker (Hong Kong)

Associate Professor


Contact Information


Research Interests

Evidence-based practice for professional accountability and development is essential. Past research primarily involved partnerships with NGOs in outcome studies: Senior Citizen Card (1996), Community Rehabilitation Network (1996), Estate Management Advisory Committee (1997), Networking Strategies Initiatives (1997–2000; 2004-6), Community Care Services (2003), Self-help organization (2007), Elderly vaccination behavior (2009), and Drug Formulary (2010).
Current research interests are:
.Health and aging
.Disability and rehabilitation
.Resilience and spirituality
.Outcome studies
.Narrative practice


Social Gerontology
Working with Older Adults
Working with Groups
Team Building and Group Skill Laboratory
Master of counseling student projects supervision
M Phil and PhD student supervision
Practice Inquiry Laboratory
Social Work Coordination: Practicum I and II

Current Research Projects

.As Co-principal Investigator (2012-2014) “Rainbow Project: Support of Community Care in Choi Hung Estate” funded by Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service, Hong Kong.

.As Principal Investigator (2011-2012) “The Development of an Indigenous Training Package in Life Education: Working with Older Adults” funded by Teaching Development Grant, City University of Hong Kong.

.As Principal Investigator (2009-2013) "A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Specific Narrative Group in Enhancing the Personal Well-being of Stroke Survivors in Hong Kong" funded by Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

.As Principal Investigator (2010-2011) "Wisdom Manifestation of Older Adults' in Hong Kong" funded by Teaching Development Grant, City University of Hong Kong.

.As Principal Investigator (2009-2010) “Study on Low-income People's Access to Medicine” funded by GlaxoSmithKline, Hong Kong.

.As Principal Investigator (2009-2010) “Awareness Survey on Pneumococcal Vaccine” funded by Sanofi Aventis, Hong Kong.

Publications (Selected List from 2005)

  • CHOW, E.O.W., & HO, C.Y.H. (in press) The Relationship between Psychological Resources, Social Resources, and Depression: Results from Older Spousal Caregivers in Hong Kong. Aging and Mental Health.
  • LEE, T.Y., CHOW, O.W., & LEE, J. (2012) Subjective process and outcome evaluation: Evaluation of a Social Work methods course: Findings based on the perspective of the students. In ENG, B.C. (Ed.), A Chinese Perspective on Teaching and Learning (pp. 92—120). New York: Routledge.
  • CHEUNG, C.K., & CHOW, E.O.W. (2011) Reciprocal Influences between Burnout and Effectiveness in Professional Care for Elders. Social Work in Health Care, 50, 694-718.
  • CHEUNG, C.K., & CHOW, O.W. (2011) Interpersonal influences between the care provider’s burnout and the older care recipient’s quality of life. Administration in Social Work, 35(4), 425-445.
  • CHOW, O.W. (2011) Hidden Elderly: Case Study. Professor Alex Kwan Y.H. (ed.), A Practical Guide in Counselling Series 1: Hidden Elderly (pp.15—76). Hong Kong: Chinese Christian Literature Council (in Chinese).
  • CHOW, O.W.E., & NELSON-BECKER, H. (2010) Spiritual Distress to Spiritual Transformation: Stroke Survivor Narratives from Hong Kong. Journal of Aging Studies, 24(4), 313-324.
  • CHOW, O.W.E., & CHEUNG, C.K.J. (2009) Raising Self-Esteem through Social Networking Intervention for Older Chinese Adults in Hong Kong. Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work & Development, 19(1), 66-81.
  • LEE, T.Y., CHOW, O.W., & MERRICK, J. (2009) Special issue on conflict and harmony. International Journal of Child and Adolescent Health, 2(4). New York: Nova Science.
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  • Chow, E.O.W. (2007) Enriching the interpersonal relationships with older adults: Activity Manual (in Chinese). Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong. (ISBN: 978-962-442-289-4).
  • Cheung, C.K., & Chow, E.O.W. (2006) Spilling over strain between elders and their caregivers in Hong Kong. International Journal of Ageing and Human Development, 61(1), 73-93. (ISSN: 0091-4150).
  • Chow, E.O.W. (2006) Resilience among stroke survivors: The experience of Hong Kong Chinese women. [Unpublished PhD Thesis]. Hong Kong: Department of Social Work and Social Administration, University of Hong Kong.

Commendation & Awards

Research Fellow, Sau Po Centre of Aging, University of Hong Kong, since 2009.

CADENZA Fellow, Faculty Leadership Initiative in Aging Research, Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, since 2008.